Bon Jovi
September 22nd, 1985
Memorial Stadium
Champaign, IL, United States
7800° Fahrenheit
1st Annual "Farm Aid" Festival
1 DVDs
Master VHS Tape
12 minutes

Heart Of America


Unfortunately I don't know the exact lineage of this recording, but I would be surprised if it turned out to be anything other than a master recording of some kind.

I don't think a better version of this exists.

Super good quality considering the age of the footage.

The audio mix is okay, during Runaway, the opening song for the show, the engineers turned the crowd noise up, and then suddenly faded it out.

Due to the heavy wind there's some distortion noise on Jon's microphone every now and then but besides that it's a great recording!

This is a very rare recording, and what makes this recording rare, is that MTV in New York City, NY had a big fire that destroyed thier video archives in late 1986 and both of these recordings no longer have a Master as they were destroyed in that fire.