2 DVDs
Master VHS Tape
258 minutes

Interview with Bon Jovi and contest winner of his childhood home/MTV Notes from NJ(1989)/MTV News Clip from 1989 Includes Skid Row
Guest VJ 1987 Jon,Richie,David just interviews no videos
Straight from the Hip interview with Molly Meldrum MTV Australia 1987 Tico,Jon,Richie
Bon Jovi is Back MTV 1988 Special
MTV Past Present Future Special 1992
Jon Bon Jovi Rock against drugs ad 1987
MTV fourth of July with Jon Bon Jovi and Julie Brown(red head)
Jon Bon Jovi MTV Guns and Glory Segment 1990
TV Live includes = Livin' on a Prayer from MTV Awards 1987/Livin' on a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive Acoustic from MTV Awards 1989 MTV news clips/Live performances/Bon Jovi The Tonight Show promoting Keep the Faith
TV live two The Today Show mid nineties/David Lettermen Show It's My Life performance supporting Crush
Early Bon Jovi US TV Solid Gold Classics Runaway,Only Lonely/American Bandstand In and out of Love
5 minutes

This is a great compilation includes some MTV specials from the 80s and early 90s as well as some short MTV and other TV clips. Outstanding material and quality.