1 Dual Layer DVDs
Valdone + Wild Wind
Digital Photocamera Masters + Audio Recordings
152 minutes

Raise Your Hands
You Give Love A Bad Name
Blaze Of Glory
The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
Bad Medicine ~ Rock You Like A Hurricane ~ Mercy ~ Old Time Rock And Roll
Bed Of Roses
Miss Fourth Of July (Acoustic)
Have A Nice Day
No Apologies
When We Were Beautiful
I'll Be There For You
Bells Of Freedom (Acoustic)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Superman Tonight
Keep The Faith
These Days
Hey God
Wanted Dead Or Alive
In These Arms
Love's The Only Rule
Valdone + Wild Wind
Wild Wind

Some of you may know what's coming up: Marc (DonWaldone) and I have been doing our third real big project - after Munich 2008 and the Ultimate Live Collection.

I had announced this one twice now in another thread, originally it was under the working title "Munich to Mannheim" or something and posted in August of 2012.

By the end of 2012 the project had been finished, but then I was carrying the original files with me for so long that we forgot about them.

You know, life get's in the way and there are other priorities and the band is such a trainwreck that you don't really care about that anymore etc.

When we got around to re-visit it Marc wasn't happy with the film anymore and we ended up trashing the complete footage and starting all over again.

This one is a really special for me since I saw the entire Germany leg in 2011 and consequently witnessed all of these performances myself.

Songs from Dresden didn't make the final cut since there was no proper audio recording and the difference to the other three shows would've been too big.

It is, once again, edited as if you're witnessing one show. Some of the transitions are really good of songs that have never been played back to back that way.