Bon Jovi
May 22nd, 2003
Estadio De La Comunidad
Madrid, Spain
1 DVDs
Digital Master
57 minutes

Bounce (Cuts out)
You Give Love A Bad Name (Cuts in and out)
Wild In The Streets (Cuts in)
Livin' On A Prayer (Cuts out)
Everyday (Cuts out)
Undivided (Cuts out)
Keep The Faith
Blaze Of Glory
The Distance (Cuts in)
It's My Life (Cuts out)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Just Older (Cuts in)
Misunderstood (Cuts in and out)
I'll Be There For You (Richie Sambora on lead vocals)
Wanted Dead Or Alive (Cuts in)
Runaway (Cuts in and out)
Born To Be My Baby (Cuts in and out)
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Raise Your Hands

These Days
Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
Twist And Shout
Bad Medicine ~ Shout

This is something truly unique - not well circulated material. I don't remember if I've seen this recording at someone's website before, but I'm pretty sure I didn't though someday I could lay my hands on it. Although the quality is not the best - I think it was VCD sourced or simply poor settings were used while transferring or authoring. Still, it's a rare recording. Camera audio is simply excellent, but because as I mentioned - it was VCD sourced - it sounds scratchy and metalic. Also some songs were mixed not in particular order. Filming is rather shaky, but I guess the filmer was not really into taping the whole show - 6 songs were not filmed.