Richie Sambora
July 16th, 1998
Live Music Hall
Cologne, Germany
Undiscovered Soul
1 DVDs
Mid ~ High Generation VHS Tape (VCD)
Mid ~ High
92 minutes

Made In America
If God Was A Woman
Stranger In This Town
Fallen From Graceland
Bad Medicine
I Can't Find My Way Home (Acoustic)
I'll Be There For You (Acoustic)
The Answer (Acoustic)
In It For Love (Acoustic)
Undiscovered Soul
Get Back
Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Hard Times Come Easy
Midnight Rider (Acoustic)
Wanted Dead Or Alive

With A Little Help From My Friends
Never Say Goodbye (Acoustic)

Another shit from the '90s. Most of Jon's and Richie's German shows from this period are unwatchable and even audio is totally fucked up (just like the video) - I tell you why. Picture quality looks like an average YouTube ripped video, frequently switches to b/w, also there's a lot of distortions all the time, audio is metallic, like an 64 kbps mp3, also it includes alot of hiss/hum and overall is pretty low. Also Richie is filmed all the time, just like he was the only one person on stage, and there's too many hands in the way (they are filmed more time than Richie was). Hope to find at least non-VCD sourced copy of this recording, or just a more complete copy. However - I don't think I'm gonna watch to this one. Just pure shit - nothing else.