Bon Jovi
June 19th, 2013
PGE Arena
Gdańsk, Poland
Because We Can
2 DVDs
Richie Pomora + Damned
Digital Masters
154 minutes

That's What The Water Made Me
You Give Love A Bad Name
Raise Your Hands
Born To Be My Baby
Lost Highway
It's My Life
Because We Can
What About Now
We Got It Going On
Keep The Faith
(You Want To) Make A Memory
In These Arms
Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
We Weren't Born To Follow
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Rockin' All Over The World
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ~ Start Me Up
Bad Medicine

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Have A Nice Day
Superman Tonight
Never Say Goodbye (Acoustic)
Livin' On A Prayer


Richie Pomora

For me and other Polish fans, this is the most important show in the band's history (except these pathetic idiots, who didn't attended, because there was Phil instead of Richie).

And I must say - even if there would be Richie and Alec, and it was in 1989, not in 2013 - I couldn't imagine a better show, really!!!

This was the very first time, when I had a pleasure to see them live at my own eyes, and this whole trip to Gdańsk was a great material to write a book :).

In December 2012, I asked one famous Polish filmer if he could film this show and he answered positively to my question.

Just a week before the show, I made a contact with Polish community to create a multicam mix, but at later point I wasn't involved in this, because there was no audio recording from this show, so there was no sense to work on it.

For a long time I forgot about this Polish filmer and in the end of 2013, when multicam mix was done, I asked him once again about his recording, but unfortunately he only captured the audio.

I also have original files from two filmers, but the audio recording didn't appeared yet (actually the filmer told me he have to split it into tracks).

There might be also third video recording (if we won't count this multicam mix), but one trader, who got a copy, won't answer to my e-mails... jackass!