Bon Jovi
June 8th, 2011
Stadion Maksimir
Zagreb, Croatia
1 DVDs
Blood On Blood Trade
Digital Photocamera Master + Audio Recording
FLAC Files → Cool Edit Pro (synchronizing audio) → WAV
MOV Files → Nero 8 Vision (converting) → TMPEGEnc Authoring Works (replacing audio, authoring) → DVD
54 minutes

Raise Your Hands (Cuts out)
You Give Love A Bad Name (Cuts out)
Born To Be My Baby (Cuts in and out)
We Weren't Born To Follow (Cuts out)
In These Arms
Runaway (Cuts out)
It's My Life (Cuts out)
Blaze Of Glory (Cuts in and out)
Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars (Cuts in and out)
We Got It Going On (Cuts in and out)
Bad Medicine ~ Oh, Pretty Woman (Cuts in and out)
Lay Your Hands On Me (Cuts out)
Bed Of Roses (Cuts in and out)
I'll Be There For You
Something For The Pain (Acoustic, cuts in and out)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Acoustic, cuts in and out)
Who Says You Can't Go Home (Cuts out)
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Cuts out)
Love's The Only Rule (Cuts in and out)
Have A Nice Day (Cuts in and out)
Keep The Faith (Cuts in and out)

Hey God (Cuts in and out)
Wanted Dead Or Alive (Cuts out)
These Days (Cuts out)
Livin' On A Prayer
Blood On Blood Trade
Blood On Blood Trade