Richie Sambora
November 26th, 1991
The Academy Theatre
New York City, NY, United States
Stranger In This Town
1 DVDs
Don Hatchett
Living After Midnight
Master S-VHS Tape
Sony TR7 → Master S-VHS Tape → Pioneer Standalone DVD Recorder → DVD
83 minutes

Rest In Peace
Church Of Desire (Cuts in)
Bad Medicine
We All Sleep Alone
Father Time
River Of Love (Cuts out)
Stranger In This Town (Cuts in)
I'll Be There For You
Mr. Bluesman
Ballad Of Youth
Midnight Rider (Acoustic)
Wanted Dead Or Alive

The Answer (Acoustic)
With A Little From My Friends

Don Hatchett
5 minutes

Don Hatchett acquired this show from the filmer ("Living After Midnight"). The filmer claims he wasn't able to copy the master DVD and at first sent Don a DVD copy from a 1st gen SVHS, but Don managed to convince him to send him the problematic master DVD. Don recovered the DVD and I thank him for releasing it to the general masses. As noted in the tracklist, there a few of the songs are incomplete and there is some blockage as well during some songs. Some are better than others.

To date this is the only full video concert recording to surface from the "Stranger In The Town" tour and something tells me this is all we'll ever get. It has superb audio and video quality and of course the show itself is awesome. If you aren't familiar with his first solo album it's a completely different vibe than Bon Jovi music. It's more bluesy and mellow (it's one of those albums you just close your eyes and fly through).