Bon Jovi
March 24th, 2001
Colonial Stadium
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
One Wild Night
"Universal Appeal Concert" Charity Festival
1 DVDs
Digital Master
1st Generation VHS Tape → Canopus ADVC-300 → Panasonic AG-7350 → Sony Vegas Movie Studio → MAGIX Music Cleaning Clab deluxe / Video deluxe 2008 → TMPGEnc DVD Author 3.0 → DVD
61 minutes

One Wild Night
You Give Love A Bad Name
Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
It's My Life
Livin' On A Prayer
Just Older
Born To Be My Baby
Lay Your Hands On Me
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Bad Medicine ~ Shout

Wanted Dead Or Alive
Keep The Faith

Good Times (With Jimmy Barnes)
Ride The Night Away (With Jimmy Barnes)

Tequilla (With Jimmy Barnes)
Twist And Shout (With Jimmy Barnes)

This is NOT the version floating around with the green strip at the side. bonjovi90 got this copy with a bunch of other tapes a few years ago and finally took the time to compare it to the common version. I came to the conclusion that this is from a different broadcast, not just because the setlist is short, but also because there are some parts that are edited differently. The only place I can tell this for sure is during "One Wild Night" as I compared it there, but I'm pretty sure it runs through the entire show. Unless you're a diehard collector you might stick to the longer version, though I like this one more quality wise. The overall picture is better in terms of clarity and color/contrast. The audio wasn't that good, so bonjovi90 ripped it from the common versino, did some slight remastering and dubbed it here. Overall a great Pro Shot concert with a very good version of "Lay Your Hands On Me"!!!