Richie Sambora
June 24th, 1998
Mercury Lounge
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Undiscovered Soul
1 DVDs
Low ~ Mid Generation VHS Tape
Low ~ Mid Generation VHS Tape → Canopus ADVC-300 → Panasonic AG-7350 → Sony Vegas Movie Studio → MAGIX Music Cleaning Clab Deluxe (crackle and hiss reduced) → TMPGEnc DVD Author 3.0 → DVD
Low ~ Mid
117 minutes

Made In America (Cuts in)
If God Was A Woman
Stranger In This Town
Fallen From Graceland
Ballad Of Youth
I'll Be There For You
Mr. Bluesman
In It For Love
Undiscovered Soul
Get Back
Don't Be Cruel
Hard Times Come Easy
Midnight Rider (Acoustic)
Wanted Dead Or Alive

Livin' On A Prayer (Acoustic)
With A Little Help From My Friends
Feel Like Makin' Love
All Right Now

I Shot The Sheriff
Down Under

Never Say Goodbye (Acoustic)

bonjovi90 transferred this show off a VHS he got from Italy as it was better quality than any other copy I had seen around, as well as it contained more songs than other versions did. The concert was filmed from the back of the Mercury Lounge and partly there are is the entire audience in the way, but when the video zooms in it's a lot of fun to watch, regardless of the generated quality. Near the end of the concert there are about 10 minutes missing on the tape (according to the Timecode), but no other circulating recording lists any more songs in that spot, so I assume it was a problem coming from the filmer's tape.

This was the final show the Australian leg of Richie's 1998 solo tour. The setlist was packed with a lot of great surprises, like some rarities from his first album that had rarely been on the setlist before. Richie gets asked if he can do "Ballad of Youth", he admits that it's too high for him, but does the first verse on his acoustic guitar. Furthermore there's a great stripped - down rendition of "Mr. Bluesman"!