Bon Jovi
September 19th, 2005
Heineken Music Hall
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Have A Nice Day Promo
1 Dual Layer DVDs
Digital Master + Audio Recording
80 minutes

Last Man Standing
You Give Love A Bad Name
Livin' On A Prayer
Born To Be My Baby
Have A Nice Day
It's My Life
The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Acoustic)
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Who Says You Can't Go Home
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Raise Your Hands
Keep The Faith

Bad Medicine


Blampish purchased a DVD of the main show from eBay and as such don't have any lineage information, but it was mastered from an HD feed which had been broadcast into cinemas around Europe live on the night. The start of Last Man Standing was missing and patched already with a lower quality source (perhaps the webcast) and part of Bad Medicine was cut but so it was patched with another video source. The main audio was taken from a recording from YorinFM (thanks Thierry) - but the first song wasn't broadcast so Blampish had to use a mix of original audio from the cinema feed and the webcast too. Blampish had to upsample from 44.1kHz → 48kHz and due to an odd length difference you may notice very slight gaps between a couple of songs. The original MP2 audio was used from the video as a secondary track, but converted it to AC3 as that is more standard (and DVDlab didn't seem to like the MP2 anyway). The DVD is authored to add in menus and chapter breaks and, since it was already slightly overflowing a DVD5 I added in some bonus features too, and added a random menu page on the disc with some information about the show.