Bon Jovi
March 8th, 1989
Philadelphia, PA, United States
The Jersey Syndicate
1 DVDs
Don Hatchett
Mid Genaration VHS Tape
Mid Genaration VHS Tape → Pioneer Standalone DVD Recorder → DVD
122 minutes

Lay Your Hands On Me
I'd Die For You
Wild In The Streets
You Give Love A Bad Name
Tokyo Road
Born To Be My Baby
Pink Flamingos ~ Let It Rock
I'll Be There For You
Blood On Blood
Livin' On A Prayer

Living In Sin
All Right Now (With Skid Row)

Ride Cowboy Ride (Acoustic)
Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ Wanted Dead Or Alive
Bad Medicine ~ Shout

Never Say Goodbye (Acoustic)

Don Hatchett
5 minutes

Don Hatchett got this VHS from an ex collector who was getting rid of their old items from the early 90's, and he found this was better than any copy I had seen before. It's not pristine by any means, but for some reason this particular show has not surfaced in any kind of passable quality even though the other 2 known shows shot in this same format ("Phoenix 1989" and "Landover 1989") have. The audio on this one is really nice, I have to admit I'd love to see a better version of this come out one day (anyone out there?).