Bon Jovi
October 24th, 1998
Miami Panthers Arena
Miami, FL, United States
Fanclub Trip
1 DVDs
Master VHS Tape
54 minutes

Not Fade Away
You Give Love A Bad Name
Keep The Faith (Cuts out)
Blood On Blood (Cuts out)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Cuts in and out)
Wanted Dead Or Alive
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Bad Medicine (Cuts out)
Livin' On A Prayer (Acoustic)


This recording suprised me. It's a shame that most of these songs cut. I feel that even though there are so many cuts this is a must have disc.

Bon Jovi didn't start going downhill at 1996 like I had thought before. The performances on this one are great! You can tell they are really enjoying themselves here and they are letting loose for the fans. The band is very tight and Richie is at the top of his game. His influence is definately felt on some songs (specifically "Livin' On A Prayer" (both times), "Bad Medicine", etc).