Bon Jovi
June 20th, 1996
Wiener Neustadt, Austria
These Days
2 DVDs
2nd Generation VHS Tape
130 minutes

Lay Your Hands On Me
Bad Medicine
All I Want Is Everything
You Give Love A Bad Name
Bed Of Roses
Rockin' All Over The World
Blood On Blood
Wanted Dead Or Alive (Acoustic)
I'd Die For You (Acoustic)
In These Arms (Acoustic)
Something For The Pain
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ~ Brown Sugar
Keep The Faith

Blaze Of Glory
These Days

My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms
Something To Believe In (Cuts out)
Hey God (Cuts in and out)
Lie To Me
Livin' On A Prayer

There is an older transfer of this around which was shared in early 2009 I guess. Back then it was one of the first tapes bonjovi90 ever digitalized with his then-new equipment and he recently stumbled across the VHS while throwing out some old stuff. bonjovi90 decided that he didn't get the best quality out of it on his first try and, with a few years of experience on how to work with this stuff, he went back and made a new transfer. It turned out a lot better, the video is richer on colours and shows more detail (also since he has upgraded his encoders since 2009). The audio was a bit of a bitch since it sounds very nice in the beginning, but fades into being dull around "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night". bonjovi90 guess this happened due to the filmer standing in a heavily crowded pit and probably some fan or some clothing covering the microphone of the camera. It's still listenable, he denoised the file and Kathleen helped him a lot and made it sound cleaner and less bass-heavy (thank you so much)! This version is completely new and hasn't been around in this way before. Usually bonjovi90 don't tend to got back to older projects but since all the "These Days" shows are very special to him, he thought this one deserved it.