Bon Jovi
September 2nd, 1995
Municipal Auditorium
Cleveland, OH, United States
Crossroads Promo
Rock And Roll "Hall Of Fame" Grand Opening
1 DVDs
Master VHS Tape
Complete 4 DVDs set from a friend → MPEG Video Wizard → Ulead DVD Workshop 2 → DVD
21 minutes

With A Little Help From My Friends
It's My Life (With Eric Burdon)
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (With Eric Burdon)

Imagine (Acoustic)
Give Peace A Chance (Acoustic)

I was told that this was a master tape that recorded the TV broadcast and was subsequently captured digitally. I have no information at all on how it was captured or recorded originally. I pulled only the Bon Jovi portions out from the complete set of this broadcast (losslessly with Mpeg Video Wizard). I had a Bon Jovi only DVD previously, but the quality was horrible. I have a silver DVD and the quality is still pretty bad. This one is the best version I personally have ever seen.