Bon Jovi
June 2nd, 1989
Canadian National Exhibition Stadium
Toronto, ON, Canada
The Jersey Syndicate
2 DVDs
Don Hatchett
Master VHS Tape
Sony 8mm Camcorder (unknown model) → Sony P6-120MP Metal Particle 8mm Video Cassette → S-Video Out → Monster RCA/S-Video Cables → Panasonic DMR-EZ17 DVD Recorder → Maxtor 1TB External HD → DAW (FireWire) → TMPEGEnc DVD Author 2.0 → DVD
99 minutes

Wild In The Streets (Cuts in)
I'd Die For You
Pink Flamingos ~ Let It Rock
You Give Love A Bad Name
Tokyo Road
Born To Be My Baby
Lay Your Hands On Me
I'll Be There For You
Blood On Blood
Livin' On A Prayer

Ride Cowboy Ride (Acoustic)
Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ Wanted Dead Or Alive
Bad Medicine ~ Shout (Cuts in)

Don Hatchett

This 8mm master was purchased along with 2 others from a fellow DAThead in the mid 90's, the seller was a famous taper from the NY/Canada area and was liquidating his huge collection of Vids and DATs, something like 600 shows if I remember correctly. Many of the folks on the DATheads list gave him a bunch of shit for selling rather than trading his stuff, even though he was known to them to be a great trader and was just closing up shop as it were. Opinions were mixed, but I couldn't care less and contacted him to buy his BOn Jovi and Queensryche masters immediately. He told me at the time what camcorder he used for each, but I didn't make any notes way back then, other than he said he always used whatever the top of the line Sony was. Don Hatchett did the transfer on this tape and is about the most finicky, meticulous guy on the planet, a million thanks to Don. The Sony 8mm used to transfer this was purchased specifically to transfer these handful of tapes and had been rebuilt and calibrated to be in factory fresh condition, and is supposedly the top unit for these transfers. Opener Skid Row not captured :). Don Hatchett hesitated for a while to even post this because he was convinced that he could squeeze more quality out of the VHS. It is clearly marked as "1st generation directly from master 8mm", but the video quality just isn't there. I do believe the sourcing information because of where it came from, but either the transfer was bad or the tape didn't age well. The screens above are the result of Don Hatchett's 3rd (and last) attempt at a transfer... if you have either of his older ones they are about the same.