Bon Jovi
May 27th, 1995
Bremen, Germany
2 DVDs
Very Low Generation VHS Tape + Audio Recording
Very Low Generation VHS Tape → Panasonic AG-7350 VHS S-VHS VCR → Canopus ADVC-300 → PC → Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 (AVI capture) → TMPEGEnc Authoring Works 3.0 (authoring and adding external audio recording) → 2 DVDs
Very Low
145 minutes

Livin' On A Prayer
You Give Love A Bad Name
Wild In The Streets
Keep The Faith
Blood On Blood
I'd Die For You
Blaze Of Glory
Dry County
Lay Your Hands On Me
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ~ Jumpin' Jack Flash
Bad Medicine ~ Shout

Rockin' All Over The World (With Steven Van Zandt)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (With Steven Van Zandt)
With A Little Help From My Friends (With Steven Van Zandt)

Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ Wanted Dead Or Alive
This Ain't A Love Song

I'll Be There For You


Another show bonjovi90 transferred from one of the tapes Rock Forever passed on to him.

There has been a decent version of this in circulation for about a decade now here Don once dubbed the FM broadcast to the video.

This video is better quality wise - there is more detail in the picture and colours are richer as well. I guess it is about one generation lower than the copy that was around before.

For this DVD set he ripped the lossless audio of the older version, enhanced Richie's guitar (since it sounded a bit flat) a bit and synced it to the new transfer. The original audio was cleaned and added as a 2nd audio track, but it's miles aways from the soundboard quality of the first audio stream.

I've no further information to where this one originally came from but the filmer managed to do a nice mix between zooming in on the stage and focussing on the screen.

There are a couple of spots where the camera gets shaky but other than that it is very pleasant to watch.