Bon Jovi
July 2nd, 1987
British Columbia Place
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Slippery When Wet
2 DVDs
1st Genaration VHS Tape
Master VHS Tape → Unknown Studio Deck → 1st Genaration VHS Tape → transfer to Hatchett → Panasonic PV-V4524S VCR → Panasonic DMR-EZ17 (XP mode) → TMPGEnc DVD Author (authoring) → DVD
88 minutes

Pink Flamingos ~ Raise Your Hands
I'd Die For You
Tokyo Road
You Give Love A Bad Name
Wild In The Streets
Twist And Shout (Acoustic)
Never Say Goodbye
Livin' On A Prayer
Let It Rock
Electric Guitar Solo ~ Drums Solo ~ In And Out Of Love

Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ Wanted Dead Or Alive (Cuts out)
Drift Away
Travellin' Band (With Cinderella)

Don Hatchett

Allegedly this was filmed by a non-union substitute cameraman at the show and he took the tape with him from his camera. Whatever else is true or false about the origin of this tape, this is not from a single camera as it is multi cam like the feed to the video screens. This show has been around in various qualities forever.

Dave (Paragon as he is also known as) made contact with the filmer who did indeed work in the touring industry in some capacity. After a bit of talking and a not so tiny payment on my part the filmer agreed to meet him at a local TV station next time he was in town with a tour.

This is to the best of my knowledge the only Pro-shot video of Bon Jovi in the hands of collectors that did not have a broadcast release. There are 3 European 2000 shows on DV in private hands but they are completely uncirculated, sadly.