Bon Jovi
September 7th, 1995
Times Square
New York City, NY, United States
Crossroads Promo
MTV's "Video Music" Awards
1 DVDs
The Bon Jovi Transfer Syndicate
Very Low Generation VHS Tape
Very Low
6 minutes

Helter Skelter
Something For The Pain
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
The Bon Jovi Transfer Syndicate
The Bon Jovi Transfer Syndicate

bonjovi90 once had a so-called "Master" copy of this event. A guy he contacted on YouTube claimed to be the filmer of the show and sent him a transfer of his video. However, the quality was totally f***ed up due to a horrible transfer - the video was totally pixilated and the sound way too overdriven. The filmer stated that his original Master tape wouldn't exist anymore due to some kind of damage. bonjovi90 believed in the sourcing information as the video was too good to be ripped from somewhere on the web and showed no signs of age. But it was still very bad for what you expect from a Master copy. Years later a friend gave up his video tape collection and sent the stuff over to bonjovi90. One of the VHS contained that show and it was way better quality than the previous version he had kept of it. There still is (of course) a lot of screaming from female fans standing around the filmer, but it is really enjoyable now and I always like seeing footage of the guys doing a soundcheck. Here, e.g. Richie plays the legendary "Wanted Dead Or Alive" riff with his electric guitar during rehearsal as they only have about 20 minutes and they are rushing through the soundcheck. Additionally, bonjovi90 added the Pro Shot recording from the TV broadcast as a bonus track onto that DVD. This is probably a very unique happening in the trading world - I never experienced that a Low Gen copy was much better quality than the Master (and it also just shouldn't be that way!).