Bon Jovi
August 17th, 1989
Tower Records
London, England
The Jersey Syndicate Promo
1 DVDs
The Bon Jovi Transfer Syndicate
High Generation VHS Tape
High Gen VHS Tape → Panasonic AG-7350 → Canopus ADVC-300 → MAGIX Video Deluxe → Sony Vegas Movie Studio → TMPEGEnc DVD Author → DVD
33 minutes

Ride Cowboy Ride (Acoustic)
Wanted Dead Or Alive (Acoustic)
The Bon Jovi Transfer Syndicate
The Bon Jovi Transfer Syndicate

A real gem I never seen before. When the tape was transferred, the recording tape was generated and had blurry and unstable colours (the video switches to black and white at times), so heavy filters to save as much quality as possible. Still, an upgrade to what was prevously available. Thanks to The Bon Jovi Transfer Syndicate!

At the beginning the band is filmed at the "Picadilly Circus" from different positions while signing records for the fans. After the fanclub trip the band (or better Jon and Richie) are recorded from the street while they are performing two songs acoustic wise at a window on an upper floor of Tower Records. Richie's microphone is as loud as the one Jon uses and he contributes a lot of powerful vocal parts.