Here are my trading rules. These rules are not made to scare you off, but used to do a good trade. Please, keep these following rules.

Don't lie about your stuff or try to screw me over.

I won't resend just because you don't like the show or the picture/audio quality.

Check your copies of discs before you send them. If I get a faulty disc I except them to be replaced as soon as possible. I will also do the same!

Trade 1 show for 1 show, 2 audio recordings for 1 video recording.

Use only brand name CD-Rs/ DVD-Rs (Philips, TDK, Sony, Imation, Verbatim), I don't accept Princo, Datawrite, Mediarange, Ridisc, Arita and other cheap material! If you don't know if your media is accepted please don't hesitate to ask.

Don't send MP3 or other lossy files that you've downloaded!!! Always mention it before setting up a trade.

Always convert your audio CDs to FLAC files and burn them to DVDs. I won't accept audio CDs.

Don't burn a DVD any quickier than 4x, I will do the same.

Don't write anything on the discs, send them with a note: band name - date of recording - location (example: Bon Jovi - 1989.07.06 - Niagara Falls, NY, United States).

Do not send jewel cases, pack them well and send them in an envelope. Use air cushion envelopes or bubble mailers.

Offeror of trade send recordings as a first, if it is our first trade.

I ask all traders to stay in contact till the end of our trade.

Don't sell anything you traded with me!