Here we have my latest project called Recordings Database. I was always looking for any uncirculated recordings since I am a fan of this legendary band. Please contact with me if you have any informations about unreleased Bon Jovi recordings, or if you have technical informations (lineage, spectrum analysis) about any circulating recordings. It's really hard to find something old in lossless sound quality. Many shows are accessible only as an MP3 files, but I still believe that original source is lossless.

To the video recordings - the story is almost the same. I was always wondering how many Bon Jovi concerts have been recorded by fans. Many of these recordings still are behind the circulation. Please help me to find them - any screens, setlists and of course - technical informations are really appreciated.

I'll be updating this project as soon as I can, because it takes much time to add hundreds of recordings, take thousands of screens, etc. With your help this process can be easier and faster.

Type of recordings Count of recordings
Audio Recordings 0
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