This is my first project not about trading. This site is devoted to make up complete all Bon Jovi tour dates. Please contact with me if you ever attended to any Bon Jovi concert and if you still remember the setlist and how great this show was. This information will be much appreciated and will help me to make up this site complete.



Leg #1: Japan

Date Venue Location Support
2000.07.12 Tokyo Dome Tokyo, Japan
2000.07.13 Tokyo Dome Tokyo, Japan

Leg #2: Europe

Date Venue Location Support
2000.08.19 Wembley Stadium London, United Kingdom Toploader
2000.08.20 Wembley Stadium London, United Kingdom Toploader
2000.08.22 Gateshead International Stadium Newcastle, United Kingdom Toploader
2000.08.23 Brittania Stadium Stoke On Trent, United Kingdom Toploader
2000.08.25 Royal Dublin Society Stadium Dublin, Ireland Toploader