Analog Cassette
20 minutes

What Do You Want?
She Don't Know Me
Shot Through The Heart
Love Lies

There were three different demo tapes (yes they were really tapes back in those days) that Jon sent to every record company on earth trying to get a record deal before WAPP 83 took "Runaway" and made history.

The first tape was just the song "What Do You Want?", the earliest complete song that Jon had written and demoed. Paragon saw an original at an auction a long time ago (probably 1989/90) but it was way out of his budget at the time (went for at $ 1300.00).

The second tape was the four new songs — "Runaway", "She Don't Know Me", "Shot Through The Heart" and "Love Lies" plus "What Do You Want?". A smaller number of these went out before it was pointed by folks at the Power Station out that "What Do You Want?" was much a much weaker track.

The third tape is the easiest to find these days and has just the four newer tracks on it.

Paragon have originals of the second and third tapes, purchased at auction in 1991 for $ 145.00 together.