Bon Jovi
December 19th, 2005
Continental Airlines Arena
East Rutherford, NJ, United States
Have A Nice Day
Digital Master
Core Sound Stealth Cardiod Microphones → Core Sound Microphone Pre-Amp A-to-D Convertor (24 bit, 96 kHz) → Dell's Axim X50v With PDAudio-CF S/PDIF Digital Audio Interface Card → Adobe Audition v2 (downsampled and dithered to CD format - 16 bit, 44.1 kHz) → WAV → FLAC Frontend → FLAC (compression level 8)
139 minutes

Last Man Standing
You Give Love A Bad Name
Born To Be My Baby
Story Of My Life
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
I Won't Back Down
Have A Nice Day
Who Says You Can't Go Home
It's My Life
I'll Be There For You (Acoustic)
Blaze Of Glory (Acoustic)
Bed Of Roses (Acoustic)
Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
Bad Medicine
Raise Your Hands
Livin' On A Prayer

Welcome To Wherever You Are
Treat Her Right

Blood On Blood
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Run Rudolph Run

First show in New Jersey, a bit of a homecoming for Bon Jovi. Some fans thought the set would contain a few surprises, but it didn't, though it was longer than usual. Richie was appearantly having a bad day, he messed up the beginning of "Bounce" (before "I'll Be There For You" he claimed that it was because he couldn't see), the guitar solo of "Novocaine" and the guitar solo of "Blood On Blood". "Blood On Blood" is back in the encore! The show does not end with "Wanted Dead Or Alive" but with the coversong "Run Rudolph Run". "Last Man Standing" - about ten seconds are missing, someone bumped into the taper.