Bon Jovi
December 6th, 1989
Ahoy Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Netherlands
The Jersey Syndicate
FM Radio Broadcast
Analog Cassette
Kink FM Broadcast (1995) → Sony HF-S 60 Tape (MASTER) → Sony CFD-S05 Portable Radio → Goldwave 5.67 (lowpass filter at 10000 kHz, steepness setting 20; volume maximize; equalizer: 15 kHz +2 db; volume maximize) → WAV → Trader's Little Helper → FLAC (compression level 8)
56 minutes

Lay Your Hands On Me
I'd Die For You
Wild In The Streets
You Give Love A Bad Name
Born To Be My Baby
Pink Flamingos ~ Let It Rock
Living In Sin (Cuts out)
Blood On Blood (Cuts out)
Livin' On A Prayer

Never Say Goodbye (Acoustic)
Get Ready

Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ Wanted Dead Or Alive
Bad Medicine ~ Gloria

"Living In Sin" and "Blood On Blood" have small parts of heavy tape distortion (hearing another artist's music) cut out. FM Broadcast by Radio KinkFM in 1995, by the time the "This Ain't A Love Song" single was released. Recorded by a highschool friend of mine on a Sony HF-S 60 tape. First transfer of WesleyK's good-old tape didn't sound that good. Some people actually doubted that this was in fact a FM broadcast, because they never heard of it before. Meanwhile, WesleyK found out the main reason why the result of the recording sounded a bit disappointing compared to the memory he had of this tape. It wasn't the tape itself, it was the device he used. Because the old Walkman gave a low signal (and also a low volume level), the amount of distortion was relatively high. WesleyK cut that out with some brute settings in Goldwave, which made it better, but also took away some parts of the music. WesleyK played the tape on another device and found out it wasn't that bad at all! There was some hiss all over the recording, which he filtered out, but this time with no negative effect on the sound. So, here it is! I guess no one will doubt this is a FM broadcast now.