Bon Jovi
February 26th, 1987
Kemper Arena
Kansas City, MO, United States
Slippery When Wet
Unknown Equipment → ? → Unknown Generation Analog Cassette Tape → "Wanted Dead Or Alive" LP → Technics SL-3200 Direct-Drive Semi-Automatic Turnable System → NAD Electronics PP 3i Digital Phono-To-USB Preamplifier → Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface → PC → Audacity → ClickRepair 3.9.3 → FLAC (compression level 8)
109 minutes

Pink Flamingos ~ Raise Your Hands
Tokyo Road
You Give Love A Bad Name
Wild In The Streets
Silent Night
Livin' On A Prayer
Let It Rock
Electric Guitar Solo ~ Drums Solo ~ In And Out Of Love (Cuts out)

Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ Wanted Dead Or Alive
Drift Away
Get Ready

This sounds significantly better than previous version and is more complete than before (which was sourced from a cassette tape of unknown and probably higher generation). The previous copy sounded worse, was sped up and had small cuts. However, this version is not from a different taper, thus it's a better sounding version of the same audience recording. This is a fresh rip from the 2 LP bootleg "Wanted Dead Or Alive" released back in '87 on "The Record Breakers" label, making it one of the earliest released and rarest Bon Jovi bootlegs. While voorschrijve's copy is in excellent condition and while he have tried his best to get the most out of it in this transfer, there are still some small vinyl artifacts left which he couldn't get rid of, for example, throughout "Tokyo Road" or "Livin' On A Prayer", but this is only a minor annoyance. Maybe in the future someone else can do a better job at this with their own copy and better equipment? For now, this is a major upgrade of an early very fine audience recording.