Digital Masters
59 minutes

One Wild Night (2001.04.18 - Phoenix, AZ)
You Give Love A Bad Name (2001.04.18 - Phoenix, AZ)
It's My Life (2001.04.18 - Phoenix, AZ)
Born To Be My Baby (2001.04.21 - Las Vegas, NV)
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (2001.04.30 - Denver, CO)
I Got The Girl (2001.05.04 - Columbus, OH)
Keep The Faith ~ Sympathy For The Devil (2001.05.13 - Washington, DC)
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2001.05.19 - Quebec City, QC)
You Give Love A Bad Name (2001.06.22 - Stuttgart)
Bed Of Roses (2001.07.13 - Chicago, IL)

These tracks were streamed on - they were choosen by Obie and the band as the best performance(s) form each week of the tour.