Jon Bon Jovi
April 13th, 2008
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX, United States
Digital Master
DPA 4061 → Sony DAT D100 → Sony CDRW66 → CD → Exact Audio Copy → FLAC (compression level 8)
6 minutes

Glory Days (With Bruce Springsteen)

Nowhere near perfect recording from the side of the stage. Missing the "in your face" feel, but overall very acceptable. The taper was kind of in a speaker no man's land. There really wasn't any bank of speakers with a direct bead on him. However, the bigger problem may be the crowd around him. In front he have the young drunks. Then there was the party girl next to the taper who tried to get hit to dance. "Can't you see I'm doing something here?!" - The best might have been the play by play guy behind him who through the course of the night tried to be the first person to shout out the song title. He also let us know "this is my favorite Springsteen song," "this is the best song on Magic," and "this is what the E Street Band is all about." He kinda lost credibility when he said Reason To Believe was a cover of an old blues song. If the taper wasn't taping he would have told him all about the album Nebraska. As you listen be prepared for the random scream, overclapping, and crowd chatter.