Bon Jovi
August 7th, 1993
Thames River Music Center
Groton, CT, United States
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
George R.
George R.
Analog Cassette
Sony Walkman With Internal Microphone → Analog Cassette → Phillips Standalone CD Burner (which burns at 1x speed in real time as WAV only) → WAV → FLAC
119 minutes

I Believe
Wild In The Streets
You Give Love A Bad Name
Born To Be My Baby
Keep The Faith
I'd Die For You (Tape flip, cuts in)
Blood Money
Blaze Of Glory
Lay Your Hands On Me
Dancing In The Street ~ I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Blood On Blood
Rock Some More ~ Bad Medicine ~ Shout (Tape flip)

Bed Of Roses (Acoustic)
In These Arms
With A Little Help From My Friends

Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ The Answer Wanted Dead Or Alive
Livin' On A Prayer

George taped this show from a distance away. George have never traded this show before - no one has ever asked for it. I was the first (and last). The master tape transfer is a Mono Recording, not a Stereo recording meaning that both left and right channels have the identical sound. And nearly 99% complete. total time of 118 minutes there was no one around George. He transferred his Cassette Master into a Philips standalone cd burner (which burns at 1x speed in real time as Wav only). I think each disc is one long track. George never split the songs into separate tracks. He might do that, or leave it alone. Bon Jovi were hugest in the 80's. George was in High School during there peak years. He was more into Motley Crue and Kiss, but always appreciated what Bon Jovi did and they made a lot of fans happy. He only liked the first 3 albums, after that George wasn't interested in them very much. He had a chance to see them for free, the concert was an outdoor open air event. George had to stand outside the fenced area approx. 150 feet back on a right angle and watch them through a chain link fence. Standing on a sidewalk on a busy traffic Military Naval Submarine Base entrance. George's taping location wasn't the best, but it was the best spot George could find. It was a very good show and it was the only time that George saw Bon Jovi. George wish he could have been closer to the stage for that show. I think he went alone with a simple cassette recorder. George did record inside 5 or 6 shows that summer at the Groton Naval Sub Base. There were no more concerts after 1993. It was a cool place to attend shows. That is the only Bon Jovi recording in George's collection. He never really collected Bon Jovi shows. He was glad to have the chance to see them one time. You can heard a few car and trucks horns in the back ground driving past George. It as a good show.