Bon Jovi
December 23rd, 1989
Festhalle Messe Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany
The Jersey Syndicate
"The Christmas Rock" Festival
Rock Forever
Rock Forever
Analog Cassette
Aiwa CM-30A Stereo Electret Condenser Microphones → Sony WM-D6 Walkman Professional Portable Stereo Cassette Tape Recorder → TDK SA-90 High Bias Audio Cassette Tape → Yamaha KDX 350 Analog Cassette Tape Deck → SoundBlaster Live Sound Card → PC → WaveLab → FLAC (compression level 8)
98 minutes

Lay Your Hands On Me
I'd Die For You
Wild In The Streets
You Give Love A Bad Name
Born To Be My Baby
Pink Flamingos ~ Let It Rock
I'll Be There For You
Blood On Blood
Livin' On A Prayer

The Boys Are Back In Town

Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ Wanted Dead Or Alive
Bad Medicine

When copying and working on those shows taper tried to recall why he didn't record Britny Fox that day - but honestly, he can't remember. Either they didn't play at all (even though they were mentioned on the tickets) or (more likely) they had already finished their set before he got in. Anyway, here's the remaining 4 bands from that amazing bill. Unfortunately taper have to say that this is the worst Bon Jovi recording he did on this leg of the tour. He recorded from the floor, approx. 15 metres away from the stage on Richie's side, so by the time the two major acts hit the stage the floor was jam-packed which made it a bit (or sometimes a bit more) difficult to record the show properly. Apart from that the Festhalle is one of the worst venues to record - too much echo due to that enormous dome and it has a shit sound in general - at least taper never managed to do a really good recording in that venue. Especially during Bon Jovi's set there was a lot of clapping, singing and shouting. Taper remember that there were so many drunks in the audience that night that halfway through the set he was close to switching his recorder off and drive back home - 20 years later taper glad he didn't :-). So take it for what it is - a good to very good audience recording, not more, not less - if someone has better copies please feel free to share them. Taper did some EQ'ing, some volume balancing and some noise reduction but all in all he tried to keep the recordings as original as they were.