Bon Jovi
June 13th, 2001
Alfred McAlpine Stadium
Huddersfield, England
One Wild Night
Analog Cassette
Sharp MD-MT88 Microphones → SP-CMC-20 External Microphones → Adobe Audition → WAV → FLAC (compression level 8)
131 minutes

One Wild Night
Raise Your Hands
You Give Love A Bad Name
In These Arms
Livin' On A Prayer
Born To Be My Baby
I Can't Help Falling In Love
Bed Of Roses
Say It Isn't So
Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
Just Older
Wild In The Streets
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Lay Your Hands On Me
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Bad Medicine ~ Shout

Next 100 Years
Keep The Faith

It's My Life
Wanted Dead Or Alive

Twist And Shout

Another new remaster for 2014 although nothing major at all - some clapping near the recorder reduced mainly.

Nige78's review from 2001:
"We arrived at McAlpine at 11:30 am, immediately joining the queue for wristbands for the fan pit. As per the instructions from backstage, the box office opened at 2pm to start giving out the bands. And at 3:45 pm we were lead into the stadium, a full 15 minutes before everyone else as promised. We managed to get into the third row on Richie's side.

During our wait it kept Treatening to rain, light showers occurred periodically but fortunately the downpour never came. Just after 6, the first support band, Delirious?, came on. Having being told they were a Christian rock act I was apprehensive but they proved to be pretty good, despite having a scary drummer who would not have looked out of place in Mad Max 2. They played for about 30 minutes and were generally well received by the band. Once they finished we waited another half hour before Matchbox 20 came on.

Matchbox 20 played for about 45 minutes, and were very well received by the crowd. The lead singer was good with the crowd, joking about the bands name (including the Goo-goo Dolls and Molly Ringwald). The 3 guitarists made good use of their radio equipment and used the full width of the Jovi stage whilst playing. There set was very good, including If You're Gone and album title track Mad Season. Definitely worth turning up early to hear, and I might buy an album now I've heard them.

Anyway, once they left the stage our attention was focused on the reason 40,000 people were in that venue, with another 2,000 outside the fences watching from a neighbouring forest. At about 8pm the plastic coves were removed from the set, showing us the mock-up of the empire state building. About 30 minutes later, the lights dimmed (as much as was possible in the light of day), the screens came to life and we saw the "Opening communications link' message and satellite broadcast information used last year on the screen. The screen showed the band in their elevator, Hugh pressing buttons, Jon grinning at the camera. During this time the funky intro music to One Wild Night was playing on a loop. After about 1 minute there was a "ding' signifying the arrival of the elevator. The band walked out onto the stage were they stood taking in the atmosphere before taking their instruments. With a small nod from Jon they launched straight into One Wild Night, setting the pace for most of the show.

At the end of One Wild Night, Jon shouted '2,3,4', so most of us were expecting Born To be My baby, but instead Raise Your Hands was played. This sounded great, I've never heard it live before. It was easy to spot the more seasoned fans as some people clearly did not recognise the song (despite being in the fanpit). Towards the end Jon changed the lyrics to "New York to Huddersfield'.

By the end of Raise Your Hands it was obvious that Jon was suffering a bit. He indicted to backstage he was cold and came out wearing another top, he drank a lot of water and was not singing as well as usual. Still, he gave 200% into the performance and was clearly impressed with the audience who were much louder than the Gateshead audience were last year. There was no introduction speech to You Give Love A Bad Name, they simply went straight into the song. During the song Jon again let the audience sing more parts than usual to save his voice.

After our final singing of the Bad Name chorus, Jon went backstage whilst Dave played the piano intro to In These Arms. Despite Jon being unwell this song was performed very well. At the end Jon sang the a capella intro to Livin' On A Prayer (the chorus � just Jon and the audience) before the band played the familiar intro music. The song was played the usual way until the end of the song (the sing-a-long section) when Jon let the audience sing his parts and ours (which was a bit strange but showed how bad his voice was � hopefully he was saving it for Milton Keynes).

Prayer was followed immediately by a shout of '2,3,4' and this time they did play Born To Be My Baby. Again, at the end the Jon refrained from singing the end woah-woah section, leaving it to Richie, Dave and the crowd. The only ballads of the night were next, an a capella version of Elvis' "I Can't Help Falling In Love" (which Jon and Richie played acoustically on some US dates), launching into Bed Of Roses. As with the Crush tour Jon danced with a girl during Richie's guitar solo.

The next track was the second single from Crush, Say It Isn't So. This was the only song that didn't really seem to fit in with the setlist and seemed a little out of place, still it was played well. The video was shown on the screens whilst the song was played.

After he song Jon finally spoke to the audience a little, saying how they'd never played there before. Jon pointed to a sign for the University of Huddersfield and said that tonight McAlpine stadium was the University of Huddersfield and that he was the lecturer, prompting Richie to remind people about Jon being a doctor now. Jon said he saw old faces, new faces, the mayor of Huddersfield all hanging out with Captain Crash, thus starting the song (much the same as last year). Fortunately the end section where Jon pretends to see Crash and his girlfriend was omitted this year, with Jon simply shouting "Tico' as a cue for Tico to start the drumming for Just Older. It was obvious how much some people have responded to this track, the crowd singing being very loud in places. Jon and Richie stood shoulder to shoulder for the 2nd verse, and at the middle section, Richie improvised a few guitar licks giving Jon a chance to drink some more water before singing the "When I look in the mirror' part.

Once Just Older had finished (and Jon still had his acoustic guitar) he started playing the intro to Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, by the time he was due to sing the first line the whole crowd was ready and sang along with him at a very high volume. On some US shows Jon sang the intro a capella but this time he had the guitar accompaniment. There was the usual "Mondays never go my way' section but none of the stories which sometimes get inserted at this point. At the end Jon, Richie and Hugh all left the stage, leaving Tico and Dave to shine in their intro to Lay Your Hands On Me. Hugh returned to the stage first via the fan stage area on the right of the stage. Unlike last years show, Jon didn't come down to shake hands with fans at the front of the pit during the solo, however one girl ran from the left fan area, dancing briefly with Richie before grabbing Jon from behind and scaring the life out of him. Fortunately he recovered quickly and danced with her, and when security came on stage to remove her, he told them to let her stay til they had finished dancing. When she first came on-stage I thought she was Heather Lockleer but it became clear it wasn't. The other amusing thing that happened during Lay Your Hands On Me was when the cameraman was showing a close-up on Richie's guitar and Richie lifted up the guitar to flash his groin at the camera!

As with most of the previous tours, Lay Your Hands On Me was followed by the now familiar I'll Sleep When I'm Dead and Bad Medicine ~ Shout medley. During I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Jon gave a speech about him and the band never dying and how when the grim reaper does come he'll shut the blinds, lock the doors, hide under his bed and be dragged away kicking, punching and screaming. Bad Medicine and Shout ended the main set, with Shout again showing how Jon's voice was not 100%, the playful intro was heavily shortened.

After about 3 minutes (just enough time for Jon and Richie's hair to be blow dried), the band returned on stage for the first encore. Unusually Dave led the band intro Next 100 Years (instead of Tico's usual drum beat). Again, this shows just how good a guitarist Richie is (it looks so easy when he plays it!). Hugh's familiar bass intro to Keep The Faith followed. The song was the regular version, no screaming by Jon or any Sympathy For The Devil in the interlude, although many fireworks were launched during the song which doesn't usually happen. Jon stayed hidden under the on-stage shelters until he was sure all the fireworks had finished at the end of the song.

After this the band went off stage for another 2 minutes, before returning with It's My Life. This was obviously the crowds favourite song (or at least the reason why a lot of them were there). The crowds' singing was amazingly loud. At the end of the song Richie was given his double necked acoustic guitar, Jon given his acoustic and the band played a good version of Wanted. At the end the band bowed for the audience but stayed on-stage. Jon checked that no-one had to go to school or work tomorrow before playing the instrumental Tequila. After the first chant of "Tequila' by the audience Jon told us we were about as good as an audience in "Idaho or somewhere like that' (though the look on face throughout the night old confirmed that the crowd reaction was amazing). After the second chant of "Tequila' they went straight into the final song of the night, a cover of the Beatles' Twist And Shout (I know they covered it but most people associate the song with them). Despite reading some reports to the contrary this song went down very well, the whole crowd loved singing and dancing along to the song. Sadly the night had to come to an end (it was 11 pm by now - somehow the band had played 2 hours).

After the band took their final bows the lights stayed dimmed for a while, though unlike previous years there were no fireworks at the end (maybe they fired them all during Keep The Faith). Still, no-one could complain about the show, Jon really did excel despite the fact he obviously was suffering. Plus Richie, Dave, Tico and Hugh were all amazingly good as per usual. My only regret is that if Jon was well they might have played something special because the crowd were so good. Anyway, definitely One Wild Night.