Jon Bon Jovi
July 31st, 1997
House Of Blues
New Orleans, LA, United States
Destination Anywhere
FM Radio Broadcast
Analog Cassette
Unknown Equipment → ? → Unknown Generation Analog Cassette Tape → Nakamichi DR-3 Dual Head Cassette Tape Deck → PC → Audacity → FLAC (compression level 8)
56 minutes

Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart (Acoustic)
Livin' On A Prayer (Acoustic)
Midnight In Chelsea (Acoustic)
That's All Right (Acoustic)
Queen Of New Orleans (Acoustic)
Jersey Girl (Acoustic)
Blood On Blood (Acoustic)
Destination Anywhere (Acoustic)
Wanted Dead Or Alive (Acoustic)
Little City (Acoustic)
Never Say Goodbye (Acoustic)
August 7th; 4:15 (Acoustic)
I'll Be There For You (Acoustic)

Pretty excellent sound for a cassette transfer. Jon gets a request for "Miracle", but can't really remember the song and attempts to sing it, let's say he succeeded halfway.