Jon Bon Jovi
June 21st, 1997
Roxy Theatre
Atlanta, GA, United States
Destination Anywhere
Analog Cassette
Unknown Equipment → ? → Unknown Generation Analog Cassette Tape → → Optimus SCP-31 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck → PC → Adobe Audition → FLAC (compression level 8)
89 minutes

Not Fade Away
Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart
Queen Of New Orleans
Midnight In Chelsea
Destination Anywhere
Blaze Of Glory
Livin' On A Prayer (Acoustic)
Billy Get Your Guns
Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town
August 7th, 4:15
Keep The Faith

It's Just Me
Wanted Dead Or Alive
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ~ Jumpin' Jack Flash (Cuts out)
Treat Her Right

Remaster - clicks and pops reduced as much as possible, some stereo channel matching in places. Fade in and outs where necessary (including during "Billy Get Your Guns").