Analog Cassette
80 minutes

Love Is War
Let's Make It Baby
Judgement Day
River Of Love
Now And Forever
Growing Up The Hard Way
Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?
Homebound Train
Wild Is The Wind
Living In Sin
Blood On Blood
Backdoor To Heaven
Love Hurts
Stick To Your Guns
Love For Sale

bonjovi90 remastered all demos from the lossless "Sessions From The Vault" files, they were already were nice and I think he managed it to squeeze out some more quality. None of the versions featured on here were released afterwards officially. Even the versions of "Love Is War" and "Let's Make It Baby", which appeared as B-sides later, were different to the ones on here. One can only imagine how awesome it could have been if all these songs would have ended up on the originally planned double-album "Sons Of Beaches".