Bon Jovi
July 30th, 1993
Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheatre
Burgettstown, PA, United States
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Analog Cassette
Lossless Files → Magix Music Cleaning Lab deluxe 2008 → CDex → FLAC (compression level 8)
108 minutes

I Believe
Wild In The Streets
You Give Love A Bad Name
Born To Be My Baby
Can't Help Falling In Love
Bed Of Roses
Keep The Faith
I'd Die For You
Blaze Of Glory
Lay Your Hands On Me
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ~ Jumpin' Jack Flash
Bad Medicine ~ Shout

Acoustic Guitar Solo ~ Wanted Dead Or Alive
With A Little Help From My Friends
Livin' On A Prayer

bonjovi90 got these files about a year ago from a friend from Sweden. They originally planned to dub it to the video tape transfer of Pittsburgh 1993. The video tape had not been labelled with a date and they only found out afterwards that these were 2 totally different shows. Anyway, the original recording, while being a lossless transfer, was a mess sound wise. It was rather noise with music in the background for some parts than the other way around. Also bonjovi90 tried my best to clean the sound up as much as possible. It still sounds a bit distant and echoey, but as it's the only source known I thought it's worth to share it.