Analog Cassette
66 minutes

You Give Love A Bad Name
Without Love
Wild In The Streets
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Raise Your Hands
Never Enough
Edge Of A Broken Heart
Game Of The Heart
Let It Rock
Social Disease
Livin' On A Prayer
Lonely Is The Night
Deep Cuts The Knife
Never Say Goodbye (Richie Sambora on lead vocals)
I'd Die For You

bonjovi90 polished the demos from the "Sessions from the Vault" audio collection. These are the legendary final production tapes the band took with them to Vancouver to start producing their landmark album.

The sound is quite good, of course not as good as a professional studio mix, but very listenable. These demos feature a version of "Never Say Goodbye" with Richie on vocals, which I love!

There has always been the discussion if one of the demo songs was called "Deep Cuts The Night" or "Deep Cuts The Knife", bonjovi90 used the latter name. If you disagree feel free to re-label it.

On the last song, "I'd Die For You", the sound was completely different from the rest, so bonjovi90 assume it was from a different tape. He used other remastering settings on that specific song.

Furthermore, the frequency response and quality changed slighty from track to track, consequently they sound slightly different, but all in all it's about the same level.