Richie Sambora
July 24th, 1998
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England
Undiscovered Soul
Analog Cassette
Long Forgetten Tape Recorder (with external microphone) → Analog Cassette → Optimus SCP-31 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck → PC → Cool Edit Pro (hiss reduction, volume raised and fade in and outs added) → FLAC (compression level 8)
120 minutes

Made In America
If God Was A Woman
Stranger In This Town
Fallen From Graceland
Bad Medicine
Can't Find My Way Home
I'll Be There For You
Shooting Star (Acoustic)
Don't Give Up (Acoustic)
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Acoustic)
Undiscovered Soul
Who I Am
Midnight Rider (Acoustic)
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Hard Times Come Easy

With A Little Help From My Friends
All Right Now
I Shot The Sheriff
Livin' On A Prayer (Acoustic)
Get Back

Nige's first ever recording and an absolutely fantastic show. The sound quality is ok - he's done about all he can to improve it. As for the show itself it was incredible - 2 hours of Jovi stuff, Sambora stuff and quite a few covers. Richie took requests for the acoustic part in the middle.

For the final night of his European tour, Richie blessed Manchester Apollo on the 24th July 1998. This was also to be his last solo concert as well. He has since gone back to writing with Jon for a new Bon Jovi album.

An unsigned band called Naomi (named after the lead singer) opened. Along with the previous 2 nights at Shepherd's Bush we were the only venues to get an opening act. Niomi were pretty good, although most people were desperate for Richie to come on. Niomi asked about the girl who had the banner saying she had been to 66 BJ concerts. Unfortunately she was at the bar at the time and missed her 2 minutes of fame.

After Naomi had finished and there had been a short break, Richie and his band took to the stage. It was a fairly small venue so even though I was near the back I could still see Richie really well. He was in good form as both a frontman and a guitarist. Just wish I could play like that. They opened with Made In America and If God Was A Woman before giving us his introduction, saying that they would be playing some Richie Sambora stuff, some BJ stuff and a whole bunch of other stuff before playing Stranger, Fallen From Graceland and warming us up with Bad Medicine. After that he got his Acoustic guitar and played about 5 songs on his own with the backer singer Crystal, who has an incredible voice. They sang Can't Find My Way Home and I'll Be There For You, Shooting Star, Don't Give Up and then the Beatles You've Got To Hide Your Love Away.

Once the acoustic set ended the band went straight into the title track of Richie's current album, followed by Who I Am, The Allman brothers Midnight Rider then the song everyone was waiting for, Wanted Dead Or Alive. Richie's version featured Crystal singing backing vocals with Richie trying to match her, he did well but failed. He sang "I'm a wanted man", then she sang "He's a wanted man" getting more powerful each time.

After this they played a bit of Papa Was A Rolling Stone during which Richie introduced all the band members, before playing the first single, Hard Times Come Easy. That song ended the main set and the band went off the stage.

The Beatles song, With A Little Help From My Friends was the first song of the encore, followed by All Right Now. Then they quite suprisingly covered I Shot The Sheriff, I wasn't expecting this at all but it fitted the rest of the song choices really well.

Richie's version of Livin' On A Prayer is best described as a cross between the original 1986 version and 1994 Acoustic one. It starts like Prayer '94 but by the guitar solo near the end it has become a lot more electric, like the original but not the same. Hence my calling it Prayer '98

Unfortunately the show did have to end, I don't think anyone wanted it to. A cover of the Beatles Get Back was the last song of Richie's first European solo tour. This went down really well, everyone was singing along with Richie.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Richie proved to be a great frontman and has given Jon cause to worry. I managed to get one of Richie's spare unused plectrums from his mike at the end of the show, which made a great souvenir.

I was suprised that they didn't play In It For Love, and by the number of covers they did. Not that I was arguing, there were some great choices in there".